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Lead paint removal

When remodeling, refurbishing or repainting, lead-safe methods must be followed or your health and the health of your family may be harmed. As a result of lead exposure, the brain might be permanently damaged and intellectual growth can be hampered.
The risk of lead exposure for children, as well as the health consequences of lead exposure, might vary depending on their surroundings, developmental stage, or behaviors. When it comes to lead exposure, children under the age of five are most at risk.The process of thoroughly and securely removing all lead-containing paints from a business or residential structure is non as lead paint removal.
Leaking lead paint can be inhaled as it deteriorates, combined with dust and other household waste. To remove the lead paint, we’ll use a variety of procedures that are all focused on minimizing danger. Lead in paint poses a considerable number of major health concerns if disturbed or discharged, and as such is governed by its own set of rules.

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Workplaces, where lead compounds are used, are the most prevalent source of lead exposure in Australia. After coming into touch with lead, workers may transport lead residues home on their work clothing, skin, hair, and equipment.

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